Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo Op

actress: Boo; photographer: Banana


Big T graduated high school this year. We are all very proud of him. He will be taking a couple of college courses this fall while finishing his GED. There were forty other homeschool graduates this year. The ceremony was personal and well done. There was a short bio and a message from the parents read aloud for each graduate, followed by a slide show. It really is amazing to think of all the things these kids have accomplished.
Our graduate alone has been in the church choir since he was nine. He has completed about 40 hours of volunteer work at the church each year. T has been taking karate since he was ten, and earned his Black Belt in Kenpo at thirteen. He is in an "invitation-only" leadership program at the dojo, where he is training to become an instructor. T has also been taking piano lessons since he was ten. He gets sheet music out of the library and practices popular music as well as the great masters. T attends a weekly writing class where he is working on his first novel. It is amazing to see how far our timid, anxious and easily frustrated little boy has come. Good luck, Big T!