Saturday, November 20, 2010

Craft fair crash and burn...

Miss T and I always have a good time hanging out and being snarky, even though the fair was a bust. You know how you should never trust a military recruiter? Yeah, well, you can't exactly trust a craft fair coordinator, either...LOL

Miss T's more than half of the table:

My Christmas card display least the pigs had a great time!

Birthday Bananas


This year, we missed Angus! He went and trick-r-treated w/his best friend. We had some extras, as Soph and the Spaghettios came along for our marathon run. Banana blackened Big T's beard to try and make him appear younger...LMAO
I had a record low of 14 kids this year, and my crusty crew had a record haul!

And I spent 2 days cooking up all that pumpkin. Over 4 gallons of it! Pumpkin we come! Although this guy doesn't look too happy...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Sixteen!