Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Evening at the ...E.R.?!

Life with children...always an adventure. Our current adventure started at 3 pm this afternoon. The kids were all out playing in the backyard, when my 8 yo ran into the house, visibly shaken and near hysterical. I heard words: "blood" "head" "hurt" and ran out of the house to find my youngest lying face down in the dirt. He wasn't moving, but I knew better than to pick him up. It took me a good 3 min. or so to get him to get up, and as any parent knows, that is a very long time!
I took him to the doc, who sent me to the hospital, and a scary trip to "trauma" for a CT scan and Xray.
Who knew a simple fall in the backyard would result in a broken thumb, a concussion, and, instead of stitches, the gash on his head was super-glued! Ah, the wonders of modern medicine.
And my friends all jumped in to help; with supper, rides to and from GS, taking the other kids back home, and even hanging out at the house so JP could come up to the hospital to check up on the little guy.
Thanks to everyone who helped out today! And I must say, everyone at the hospital was super good to us, and made a scary situation less stressful with their professionalism.
Oh, one more thing...God? Remember when I said I was bored? Yeah, well, I take it back...


  1. OH my gosh he looks so sad:-( Praying for him!

  2. LMAO! NEVER tell God you're bored! Give him a kiss and hug from me! Kelly

  3. Ok, how did you get him to pose so pathetically?! LOL Wait, you told him --remember who to blame.. yes, that makes you sad ;-)