Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sewing Expo

Spent the last three days taking classes at the Sewing Expo with Miss T. It was a blast and I learned alot. Mostly, I learned that I don't know how to sew. *LOL*
I behaved myself and only bought one piece of fabric. I decided, after the 'stash game' that I really can't justify too many more of those purchases.
Besides, I felt that what I really needed are resources. Having taught myself to sew, I thought, (maybe) there might be a little information I was missing.

I bought some thread on clearance, which matched some fabric for an order perfectly. I was all excited about finding it, until I looked at the bottom of the spool and saw the words, "solar active blue/purple". What did that mean, anyway? So I took it outside, even though it was cloudy. Here's what happened:

Yikes! Glad I checked first.

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  1. LOL That's pretty cool. Now I'm thinking we should have gotten the cream/red one! That was one fun time!!