Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, I found a new Stampin' Up demonstrator, and she lives out near Plymouth. She was having an Open House last weekend, so I made plans to go out and place my 'once a year' order. I checked my directions, gathered up my list and catalogs, and headed out. It took me about an hour, and I parked in her driveway and carefully maneuvered around the ice patches to the front door. Rang the bell, which was answered by a little girl, and I asked for her mom. She let me in, and I saw two men and a woman, casually dressed, standing in the kitchen- looking very surprised by my appearance. I stammered, "Stampin' Up?" The woman came forward and said, "The Open House was yesterday!"


  1. It's okay these things happen when your firmly planted in your 40's...LOL! Happy Birtday Queenie:-)